Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Tyas Mirasih Hot Seksi Bugil Bikini Foto

Mirasih Tyas Endah (born at jakarta, 8 aprils 1987; age 23 year) a clip video model, presenter, and player sinetron indonesia. The love life related temporary, Tyas Mirasih ever braid connection with Lembu, Clubeighties band group vocalist. they make love during 4,5 year, but when informed to want to enganged exactly dispersal.Breed girl Jawa-Belanda this also ever braid connection with sinetron star, Raffi Ahmad. but their connection only survives several months and end in parting.Later Tyas Mirasih called as a third turned to break up it star connection sinetron star Nia Ramadhani with vocalist Bams Samson. this story is braced with lovestory now they experience.

Tyas, such usually he is speaked to, begin career at indonesia comfort world after be cover girl finalist 2002. [1 but so, the name begins known indonesia public moment headline clip video" by time" purple band group property. afterwards, tyas even also a lot of headline clip video, like" such as those which formerly" (purple), " such as those which kumau" (baim), " watch over heart" (yovie nuno), and " love me again" (sania). Not only satisfied be model, tyas even also jump down to world sinetron. sinetron ever headlined by the youngest in the family from three bersaudara pair surman widiatmo and hedy elias this is among others friend but intimate, glass shoe, and love that ngga blind.

although said new at world showbiz, name tyas oftentimes bersliweran at messages infotainment. this matter is because tyas is known often flit darling from circle selebriti. mention, cow, band group vocalist clubeighties that make love 4,5 year, even informed will enganged, but final they broken off. crossbred girl jawa-belanda this is even also deflects heart in pesinetron young and personel vocal group bbb (not star usually), raffi ahmad. only survive several months, their connection is end. tyas even also return mentioned over and over as a third drop the ball nia ramadhani with bams samsons.

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