Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Parvathi Melton Multi Talented Bollywood Actress bikin nafsu mana tahan

Parvathi Melton Multi Talented Bollywood Actress

Director you would like to work with: Talented Directors who have the vision to appreciate and develop new upcoming stars what the critics say: With my unique face & expressive eyes, I have a lot of potential waiting to be tapped.

Kind of books I enjoy reading: Autobiographies
Actors I admire: Amitab Bachan, Julia Roberts, Sean Conery, Kamal Hassan
Favorite Co-stars: my recent Co-stars Raja, Sharwanand, and Ravi Verma. And all the actors I will work with!
Favorite Websites: several Favorite Films: Several - good quality emotional movies
Favorite Car: Mercedes
Favorite Book: Auto biographies
Favorite Hotel Golden Dragon, Olive and Thai Pavilion…
Favorite Attire Jeans and shirt (casuals) and ethnic Indian wear "sari"when it comes to formals
Favorite Color : Black!!! Red, turquoise
Favorite Song Several songs-I love all kinds of music..
Favorite Sport Ice skating, Swimming, tennis
Favorite Accessory: A smile!!!
Favorite Jewelry: earrings!!!, and some times rings
Favorite Jewel Myself!
Favorite Designer Gianni Versace, ChanelI Hate Liars and HypocritesI Love Frankness and Honesty

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