Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Marisa Anita Making Out In Lingerie and video

Someone peeking under Marisa's bra
With a headline like that, whose head wouldn’t turn this way???
As I promised before, in the brief post on how large Marisa’s breasts were, I was going to post the rest of the set so that you readers will be able to see her getting intimate with another girl. I actually don’t know why you are still reading this actually. Enjoy!
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OMG I love leggings so much

IMAGE2009 09 004 OMG I love leggings so much
Who is this mystery girl? Can anyone guess?
What more can you want? Topless, sideboob AND leggings? Wow.
The picture is from Image magazine back in the Sept. 2009 issue.
Hint: We’ve featured her here before and she’s rather busty. She’s not fully Thai.
So Sririta Jensen is basically the ambassador for Lux here in Thailand and here is a video of the behind the scenes shooting as well as her talking about the concept behind their commercials. She’s saying that after using the Lux shower products it makes her feel like a princess.

As you can see it is red carpet inspired. The actual tv advert can be seen after the jump.

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