Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Anizabella Putri Seksi Photos on Magazine

Anizabella Putri (born in Jakarta, 2 June 1993; age 17 years) is a nation of Indonesia. He was known to the patron Stories role in high school, before he pioneer in the entertainment world with a model in the magazine girl, as GADIS Covers.

Owner name Anizabella Putri Lesmana, taukah who have this name? Perhaps the time is still rarely known, but if your lover sinetron "High School Love" is the Anizabella Millie is in sinetron. Who is also the name of raising the world of entertainment in the country. Bermodalkan talent akting beautiful face and of course (^_^), not wonder at this time his name has begun to shine.

Travel career began in small, the art world is small since disukainya. Terbukti competition with many fashion show followed by a girl born in Jakarta, 2 June 1993 this. In addition to fashion show, bella greeting akrabnya this course also took dance, theater and ballet. it all begins when keikut sertaannya in place "Cover Girls" 2007. From there bella was eventually invited by the "Rapi Movies" to participate in casting their newest movie bella is not presumed to be the main sinetron is in the "High School Stories".

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