Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Agni Pratistha Bikini of Miss Universe 2007

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono (born in Canberra, Australia, 8 December 1987; age 20 years old, 178cm high) is the title of Princess 2006. Before holds the title of Princess of Indonesia 2006, Agni was the Cosmogirl of the Year in 2003 and became the champion II. Agni also provides a succession Pursuing the Sun. Woman is the origin of Central Java and then to be selected in the 2006 Princess Theater Tanah Airku (TMII), Jakarta. He set aside Ananda from South Kalimantan and Rahma M. Landy from Jakarta. Penobatan Princess Indonesian conducted on 25 August 2006. Sister called torch Wimala is also a stage of Indonesia.

Arena of Miss Universe 2007
The end of April 2007, leaving it to the arena of electoral Miss Universe 2007. Peak event was held at the National Auditorium, Mexico City on 28 May 2007. During quarantined, he dances, Dayak practice and put seven clothing designer clothes from the membekalinya.

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