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Foto Seksi Ayu Anjani dada menangtang bikin horni

Ayu Anjani initiation through its role in the colossal LASMINI soap opera. Ayu easily recognizable because of the high and well fed. Start time for the soap opera World, Ayu Anjani a new age of 16 have a 168 cm high and weighing 52 kg.

Ayu Anjani was born in Bandung on 11 December 1990 is the end of his career in 2004 after championing the deal with a case of selecting a model magazine. Ayu Anjani akting exploration and play with the world in the episode CINTA SMU soap opera RAPI Films production. However, Ayu decided to vacuum for while from the world of entertainment for the school.

Ayu Anjani telanjang

Ayu Anjani

foto Ayu Anjani

foto bugil Ayu Anjani

toket gede Ayu Anjani

Imagine the glamor modeling, the model is on a clock. Its base, or leg, is surrounded by this watch. His heel is in the exact center of the clock and the toe, the heel, which indicates a different number on each clock hand. The number to which your feet basis points, made a large extent, the leadership will face your hips.

NOTE: The ball acts as a pivot for the base or back-up. PET allows the direction and time. The ball of the foot, particularly the bone behind the big toe, must bear the weight of the body, and can, if used correctly, continue to roll model.

SHOW-legs model the issue is not his leg leg. The foot and leg of the show marks the edge of the clock. May their movement is the sense of clockwise. This basic model of the leg, for example, once a point and show his leg to stop at each of the twelve numbers of the clock. Its exact position can be identified leg.

In some positions of the fair cross-legged in May, either before or behind the legs. This does not show the legs is an asset for creating installation. Its position in May to add a picture of many qualities such as grace, simplicity, length, strength, design, composition or interest.

AN OUTLINE OF LEG location for analysis and duplication of efforts.

Base leg and leg-show in combination with minor or major, are capable of hundreds of posts. Some combinations, however, are more useful than others and it is important to be able to recognize and remember a good position when the foot that you see.

Often it becomes necessary or desirable to know how it illustrates some of the positions the legs were performed.

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