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Foto Dugemmemperlihatkan dada dada Alice Norin sexy


Alice Norin is the Hot and Sexy Sinetron actress and the final end to this new profession as a Female DJ

Alice Norin

Alice Norin its career model in the world since the age of 13 years. In addition to the modeling world, women crossbred Norwegian-Manado-being of the Sudanese Islamic world is also exploring the role with her a few days. Sinetron who has starred, among others, by Alice, "Wulan", "Putri Kembar", "Gadis", "Dia", "Cinta SMU", "Allah Maha Besar" and "Teman Ajaib".

Alice Norin bugil
Alice Norin telanjang
Foto Dugem Alice Norin DKK
Not only the glass screen, eldest of 3 are also reaching the big screen. Alice Norin bergenre movie premiere with horror title "Psikopat (2005). In this movie perdananya, Alice get a role as the main Mita. In this movie Alice playing withSigit Hardadi, Ferry Exel, Nella Anne, Dian Rafisah, Mario J. Wibowo, Rony Galoeng, Egi Fadly, with the landing director Rudi Aryanto, and produce by Andi Ekim.

foto bugil Alice Norin
Foto toket Alice Norin
Alice Norin Pamer BH
After exploring the world model and sinetron, Alice Norin tries to become director. This is not surprising because the daughter and partner, Alfred Almendingan take this Sofie majors''broadcasting''. Toket Gede Alice Norin using a video clip entitled "Rusty Guitar" is there in the album “Keluar Malam Repackage” owned by her husband Disc Jockey Riri Mestica. Already a long time, penyuka red and black this dream become a director.

Foto Dugem Alice Norin
Alice Norin BH melorot
When his career began to ascend, Alice Norin in a surprising decision to marry with Disc Jockey Riri January 19, 2007. Even when he is not even 20 years. Celebrity couples marriage contract is done at home in Alice Bilangan Cipete on Friday January 19 2007 dowry morning with a prayer tool. While the reception with the blend of two cultures, Norwegian and Sudanese, held at the Pondok Indah Mosque.

intip toket Alice Norin
toket gede Alice Norin

Sinetron stars Alice Norin apparently contracting profession husband, DJ Riri as a DJ. He was not afraid of a bad image because of To be a Disc Jockey at nightclub. Even Stars' When the hymn Love 'is the more vibrant with the study To be a Disc Jockey husband. "To be a Disc Jockey is same like people perform on stage, no difference with singing. But if To be a Disc Jockey have to at nightclub, "said Alice.

Alice confessed To be a Disc Jockey study is 4 months in
Disc Jockey school property of her husband. According To be a Disc Jockey only her hobby. The husband has been given green light to him if you want to try World of Disc Jockey. "If more bored shutting I play, so I feel for my self," he said. Despite already get green light from the husband, means open Alice wishes can come out at night. He remained on the family and the profession as an artist.

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