Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

Zooey Deschanel – So sexy, so cute artis TV america yg sangat lucu dan sexy bikin nafsu.

This charming object of desire in “500 days together” or crestfallen couple Mark Wahlberg in “The happenig”. These and other films and appeared in some television series have given her some fame, but not exactly one of those actresses brilliant: it seems only right to give her roles that lovely girl and a little naive to that pair perfectly with your face angelic and lovely blue eyes. What many have not hesitated to point out is that it is in another field where this girl is truly remarkable: the music. Although sometimes confused with Kate Perry, a vocalist in the group She & Him, which is next to M. Ward and seems to live is far better than her.

On March 23 she published her second album together, which follows in the wake of the opening and also simply titled Volume Two. Inside it features a song, In the Sun, her first single, which comes with a music video which makes a delightful parody of those American films that develop in high school. All delicious. Read more

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