Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Info profil kirana lasasati cantik artis indonesia.

Kirana Larasati
Kirana Larasati
Kirana Larasati not intend to marry the beloved elder of 10 years, director Awi Suryadi. One of the reasons why Kirana not want to be banned because it is their parents.
“Our Parents have not Allow weto  married. We must first prove that our world promises,” said star sinetron ‘Azizah’ birth 29 August 1987 when it found in Senayan City, Thursday (26/6/2008) night.
Pair is confidence that is a sound with their parents. Now Kirana and Awi hope they exist in the world of entertainment.
Not only exist, Kirana kekasihnya also hope the film can be more in demand again. Awi information simply is director of several films such as Indonesia ‘Claudia / Jasmine,’ ‘Gue kapok Due Love’ and ‘Oath Pocong in Schools’.
“Maybe next month if aja film Awi can diomongin many people and behavior, it can be read, we are married deh,” said bride who collaborate with the lovers in the film Clauda / Jasmine is.

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